What is BOOKR Class?

Engage your child with the best storytelling-based English teaching app. International Guided Reading Program from Age Groups 4-14


  • Developed in Hungary, a globally recognised supplemental educational platform for ELL/EFL/ESL
  • 9 Levels aligned to CEFR
  • Over 1000+ curated classic and modern interactive books, songs, nursery rhymes, flashcard sets and educational games.
  • Enhances Reading Proficiency
  • Reduces Ineffective Screen Time

5 Star Advantages

  • One Year Licence
  • 10 Guided Reading Sessions
  • 4 Review Sessions By Reading Expert
  • Monthly Assignments and Activities
  • International Certification

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How can BOOKR Class help you?
By offering a solution through the power of stories
  • Better reading, writing, listening, and communicative skills through the narrated literary classics, modern stories, and songs.
  • Develop 21st-century skills: the stories introduce new cultures, raise awareness and develop creativity, critical thinking, and social-emotional skills
  • Helps to practice English spelling, grammar, and pronunciation through educational games, exercises, and quizzes
  • Easy to adapt to various teaching models (frontal, group or pair work, project work, flipped classroom, etc.), curricula and textbooks.

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